Thursday, 12 April 2018

Fruitful Life!!!


Produce your own kind of fruit! What are you producing and creating from yourself? What is your style of being and doing? Here is some food for thought. Attract those who would enjoy your kind of fruit by not worrying about who may or may not like it. An apple tree produces apples. It does not worry about producing anything else. It’s specifically driven to accomplish what it has been given.

You must first be aware(notice) of your own fruit. Do you know what it looks like, how it feels or even how it taste to you? A chef is always aware of the food that they prepare, cook and serve. You are not exempt from the responsibility of what you serve daily. Trust what you have(talent and abilities) and work to improve the quality of what you produce here with a dedicated attention of your intention. You will attract those who like your kind of fruit. Make sure it’s your kind of fruit! Your life is based on your production. Focus on your qualities. I Believe the Champion in You. You've GREATNESS within, cheers!!!
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-Josh AKA Ushas Chattopadhyay ~

Success Takes Time...


Success takes time. Don't compare where you are now with where you could have been if only you did this "action" sooner. Greatest wisdom you will ever obtain is knowing that you will never know everything. There is not a perfect remedy or solution to every problem because everyone is different. We are all like combination locks with different sequences to unlock our readiness. That's why we all arrive at different phases of life during different times.

Don't pay attention to whose doing more or better. Pay attention to what you are doing and how you can become better. Finding and living your personal life of success takes effort, focus, consistency and patience. This is not a speed race. It's all about not quitting and keeping a steady pace. I Believe the Champion in You. You've GREATNESS within, cheers!!!
-Josh aka Ushas Chattopadhyay ~